Thursday, March 19, 2009

Delicious Distraction

When I got home from my first job yesterday afternoon my package had came.  I only placed my order on Sunday so I was surprise it arrived so soon.  (Kudos to When I opened the package I discovered the two toys I had ordered; Ophoria's K-balls #10 (in the smooth blue option) and Tantus' Acute in a pearly white.  I had about an hour to kill before I had to leave for my second job.  I tried to talk myself out of trying one of the toys, really I did.  

I picked the K-balls and lubed them up a little with my favorite water based lube.  I was actually surprised at how easy they were to insert, I had read about some of this style balls being a bit difficult.  Once they were securely in place I flexed around them a bit and shifted in my chair experimentally.  They provided a feeling of fullness that was interesting but not quite arousing.  I stood to walk around in them a bit.  Between the bedroom and my kitchen I decided the K-balls and myself were going to be good friends.  The smaller balls within the 100% silicone orbs rolled about with each step I took, producing light vibrations.  Not knee buckling for sure, but most pleasant.  I settled back in front of my computer and shortly found myself rocking in my chair.  

As the time for me to head to work drew nearer I debated taking them out or leaving them in for work.  I eventually succumbed to temptation and dressed for work with them still purring softly as I wriggled into my jeans.  As I drove into work I was tempted to be heavy on the brakes and gas at stops but behaved myself.  Jumping out of the car resulted in a little grin on my face as I greeted everyone.  During the evening of tasks I found myself going out of my way a little to keep in motion, Because they caused no noise what so ever and were not distracting enough to cause a noticeable reaction from me I was not confronted about how I was feeling or anything of that nature all evening.  

I had only slight discomfort with them in while, ehem, using the restroom.   

I went out briefly after work and continued to have no difficultly with them shifting, making noise, or distracting me.  When I went home I left them in for a while longer, again finding myself squirming to make them rattle.  When I removed them I found that to be as easy as the initial insertion.  

I have worn them again since, around the house and I think I may develop a habit of it.  They definitely make life a little more interesting.  

A detailed review will follow once I've had a little more time to fully form my opinion.  

Ophoria K-balls #10