Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Into the Habit

I haven't posted anything on this blog in far too long.
My sexual/sensual adventures are going strong but I haven't thought to spend much time writing about them.  I think I'd like to change that.
I'm currently living in a happy polyamorous relationship and learning my kinks bit by bit.  Life is the beautiful adventure I have craved for so long.  I currently only have one partner, but am talking to a few interesting people.  My one partner is in a similar space himself.
We have made friends in the fetish communities of two major cities in the area and have learned some things about what each of us likes.  We've filled our toy stash with floggers, wartenberg pinwheels, vampire gloves, and custom fitted fangs.  I dream of a violet wand and rope suspension ceiling anchors, among many other lovely playthings.
My collection of lingerie and vibes grows slowly as well, and I still write reviews from time to time.
Sadly right now finances are very bad so I'm not acquiring new anything just now, but I make the most of what I already have!

So, to more new posts about sexy fun times!