Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Into the Habit

I haven't posted anything on this blog in far too long.
My sexual/sensual adventures are going strong but I haven't thought to spend much time writing about them.  I think I'd like to change that.
I'm currently living in a happy polyamorous relationship and learning my kinks bit by bit.  Life is the beautiful adventure I have craved for so long.  I currently only have one partner, but am talking to a few interesting people.  My one partner is in a similar space himself.
We have made friends in the fetish communities of two major cities in the area and have learned some things about what each of us likes.  We've filled our toy stash with floggers, wartenberg pinwheels, vampire gloves, and custom fitted fangs.  I dream of a violet wand and rope suspension ceiling anchors, among many other lovely playthings.
My collection of lingerie and vibes grows slowly as well, and I still write reviews from time to time.
Sadly right now finances are very bad so I'm not acquiring new anything just now, but I make the most of what I already have!

So, to more new posts about sexy fun times!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Me That Was, And Is

At dinner the other night I told a current lover the story of my first boyfriend.
He was shocked first by the fact that this first relationship has not taken place until I was 18. Then by the fact that a side character in the tale had been unready to leave home at 21. Then he was further amazed by the idea of a shy and reserved me, such as I was through my childhood and teen years.
I was bemused by this reaction, earlier that day I had run into a man I knew from my childhood and been a bit surprised that he had recognized me so swiftly. My lover's reaction to my tale made me reflect that though I may look exactly like the girl I was, the person who I am has gone through quite an evolution since those times.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Delicious Distraction

When I got home from my first job yesterday afternoon my package had came.  I only placed my order on Sunday so I was surprise it arrived so soon.  (Kudos to When I opened the package I discovered the two toys I had ordered; Ophoria's K-balls #10 (in the smooth blue option) and Tantus' Acute in a pearly white.  I had about an hour to kill before I had to leave for my second job.  I tried to talk myself out of trying one of the toys, really I did.  

I picked the K-balls and lubed them up a little with my favorite water based lube.  I was actually surprised at how easy they were to insert, I had read about some of this style balls being a bit difficult.  Once they were securely in place I flexed around them a bit and shifted in my chair experimentally.  They provided a feeling of fullness that was interesting but not quite arousing.  I stood to walk around in them a bit.  Between the bedroom and my kitchen I decided the K-balls and myself were going to be good friends.  The smaller balls within the 100% silicone orbs rolled about with each step I took, producing light vibrations.  Not knee buckling for sure, but most pleasant.  I settled back in front of my computer and shortly found myself rocking in my chair.  

As the time for me to head to work drew nearer I debated taking them out or leaving them in for work.  I eventually succumbed to temptation and dressed for work with them still purring softly as I wriggled into my jeans.  As I drove into work I was tempted to be heavy on the brakes and gas at stops but behaved myself.  Jumping out of the car resulted in a little grin on my face as I greeted everyone.  During the evening of tasks I found myself going out of my way a little to keep in motion, Because they caused no noise what so ever and were not distracting enough to cause a noticeable reaction from me I was not confronted about how I was feeling or anything of that nature all evening.  

I had only slight discomfort with them in while, ehem, using the restroom.   

I went out briefly after work and continued to have no difficultly with them shifting, making noise, or distracting me.  When I went home I left them in for a while longer, again finding myself squirming to make them rattle.  When I removed them I found that to be as easy as the initial insertion.  

I have worn them again since, around the house and I think I may develop a habit of it.  They definitely make life a little more interesting.  

A detailed review will follow once I've had a little more time to fully form my opinion.  

Ophoria K-balls #10

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wine stopper dildo!

I swear I have such a one track mind it's really ridiculous. I was washing dishes today when I happened upon a wine pour spout and as I washed it I became convinced that the stopper portion looked exactly like a certain dildo I have been reading excellent reviews for.
Yeah, this is how my mind works.  Oh boy.  Anyhow, this is a really awesome toy and hopefully I'll get one eventually.  It's reported to be amazing for G-spot stimulation.  Want to check it out yourself? Here you go.  Ella - Double ended dildo 
Cheers, J.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I rushed home from work today hoping to find a package on my front step. I pulled into my driveway peering about. It was no where to be seen. I went inside and busied myself with killing time, checked to tracking number online, read some forums, and spun my wheels in general. At about six I had a knock on my door, I was so startled and excited I stumbled over my words confirming my address and taking the package.

I set it on my bed and delayed opening it for a few minutes just to drum up the excitement I had felt driving home. I cut the tape off of the box and pulled the contents out one by one, a book about threesomes, a small pack of condoms, and the rabbit that was the main event.

I pulled it out of the packaging and washed it, eager to test it and begin the research for my review. I found some batteries and pop them in and waited wide eyed to press the wide recessed button on the base. I pressed it. Nothing happened. I pulled the batteries out, check I had the polarity straight, switched batteries, shook the toy. I was about to get very annoyed when the toy sprang to life with a strong buzz.

I crawled into bed to try it out and found it didn't fit my body perfectly, but it certainly did it's job. More later when I give it a second run.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I just remembered I should link my onsite reviews and wish list here, so here you have it!
My Reviews

If anyone wants to buy me toys off my list I promise to write a nicely worded, fully detailed review on the item! o:)

Fuck or be Fucked.

Last night I was talking to my lover about what I want in a woman and when I mentioned that I want a woman who is truly interested in fucking another woman his slightly surprised comment was that he thought I wanted to be the "aggressor". I considered this and it's really not untrue at all.
When I fantasize about being with a woman I fantasize my hands on her, gripping her curves. Pulling her against me, my fingertips pressing gently into her hips and thighs, my hands firmly caressing her breasts. I picture her writhing on a bed beneath my attentions, or pressed against a wall clutching at my shoulders to keep her upright.
I do relish the prospect of fucking a woman, but I also strongly crave being fucked by a woman. Her hands pulling me against her body as she kisses me fiercely, her caresses teasing me almost to insanity. Her mouth against me as I grip the bedclothes and fight to remember to breathe.
Perhaps it's simplest to say I want to give as I get.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Choices, Choices...

I'm trying to pick a dress and it's turning out to be a tough choice.
I have two choices I'm wavering between.
Any votes?