Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fuck or be Fucked.

Last night I was talking to my lover about what I want in a woman and when I mentioned that I want a woman who is truly interested in fucking another woman his slightly surprised comment was that he thought I wanted to be the "aggressor". I considered this and it's really not untrue at all.
When I fantasize about being with a woman I fantasize my hands on her, gripping her curves. Pulling her against me, my fingertips pressing gently into her hips and thighs, my hands firmly caressing her breasts. I picture her writhing on a bed beneath my attentions, or pressed against a wall clutching at my shoulders to keep her upright.
I do relish the prospect of fucking a woman, but I also strongly crave being fucked by a woman. Her hands pulling me against her body as she kisses me fiercely, her caresses teasing me almost to insanity. Her mouth against me as I grip the bedclothes and fight to remember to breathe.
Perhaps it's simplest to say I want to give as I get.

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