Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I rushed home from work today hoping to find a package on my front step. I pulled into my driveway peering about. It was no where to be seen. I went inside and busied myself with killing time, checked to tracking number online, read some forums, and spun my wheels in general. At about six I had a knock on my door, I was so startled and excited I stumbled over my words confirming my address and taking the package.

I set it on my bed and delayed opening it for a few minutes just to drum up the excitement I had felt driving home. I cut the tape off of the box and pulled the contents out one by one, a book about threesomes, a small pack of condoms, and the rabbit that was the main event.

I pulled it out of the packaging and washed it, eager to test it and begin the research for my review. I found some batteries and pop them in and waited wide eyed to press the wide recessed button on the base. I pressed it. Nothing happened. I pulled the batteries out, check I had the polarity straight, switched batteries, shook the toy. I was about to get very annoyed when the toy sprang to life with a strong buzz.

I crawled into bed to try it out and found it didn't fit my body perfectly, but it certainly did it's job. More later when I give it a second run.

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